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What if they don′t eat in restaurants or they just want to eat at home, will their meals still be sponsored?

Definitely. There are heimishe people that will prepare meals with excellent hechsherim and deliver it to their villas.


What if the couple doesn′t drive?

A prearranged taxi will be waiting for them at the airport to take them to their villa. The taxi will be available to take them where they want to go throughout their vacation as well.

Is there a local in Florida who can assist them, should an issue arise?

Yes. Mr. Shaya Weinberger, manager of, is our representative in Florida. He can assist them in any way needed, as well as provide them with information about Shuls, attractions, restaurants etc.


How many couples will you be sending on these getaways?

Currently, we are sending two couples per month.


Is Florida the only destination they can go on a long-distance vacation?

Currently, yes. However, we are looking into other options and hope to make other destinations available soon.


How will you verify that the couple requesting a vacation is legitimately in need?

1. We require a Doctor’s form attesting to the name of the parents and their relationship to the seriously ill person they are caring for. 2. We also have other means of cross-verification, via other organizations that are assisting the ill patient in financial or other ways.

Is a vacation really that important and necessary, at a time in their lives when they are dealing with such a difficult situation?

Absolutely! Without a doubt!! Please read some of the “testimonials” and decide for yourself! Also, please read our paper entitled “vacation” for more details.


Does money donated to REJUVENATE go 100% towards the cost of vacations or does some of it go to cover administrative overhead and salaries?

REJUVENATE is a not-for-profit organization. 100% of all donations are used for vacation expenses. There are no salaried employees or administrative remunerations. All those involved are strictly on a volunteer basis.


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