What our clients are saying about us

The supportive representatives were a breath of fresh air in the midst of the nightmare of our lives. They were eager to meet our every need, and they booked us the vacation of our dreams. The organization even developed our photos for us so the warm memories would last forever! And a competent Rejuvenate volunteer was never more than a phone call away, always available to adjust our travel plans as needed, with no questions asked.

Mr. and Mrs. Y.

Great Experience

We were a different couple when we returned home to Brooklyn. Empowered by our much needed rest, we headed back to care for Racheli with a newfound peace of mind. We felt so close together, and we were now ready to take on the challenges that awaited us at home. The relaxing nature of our vacation had provided us with opportunities for the heart-to-heart discussions that our marriage so desperately craved.

Mr. and Mrs. T.

They were great

Realizing there’s a void and making sure it’s filled too Ensuring that the tired caregivers get a break that’s overdue Joyfully accomodating the weary pair Uncompromising attention to detail and showing such great care Valiantly helping families thrive Enabling couples to destress and survive! Now we’d like to thank you for our special “time” An organization like yours is one of a kind The vacation we enjoyed was truly first rate! Empowering us with more kochos for our family and mate

Rabbi and Mrs. G.

We recommend them

Around three years ago, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. When we started treatment, we were told that it is a process that would last a couple of months. . . A few months became a year and another few months became yet another year and so on. . . Finally, it seemed that we were in the clear. . . Then, the doctor recommended that we go for a scan. . . The results we received were not what we expected. . . At this point it was as if the whole world came crashing down! We have not been on vacation in years because we thought it was not important. Oh, how wrong we were! . . the Weisz’s arranged a villa for us as well as a with a car and all amenities for a week in Miami and we could not get enough of it. . . This vacation has given us strength and courage to be able to fight this battle together and continue with what life throws at us one day at a time. It has helped us slowdown in life and enjoy every minute of every day in whatever situation we are in. . . . REJUVENATE truly is one of a kind.

Mr. P. M.

Everything was great


We are a very grateful recipient of this amazing organization!! We have no words to describe what our situation was like before this trip. Suffice it to say life is chaotic! There are medical crisis, hospital visits, conferences, meetings, exhaustion, constant stress and what a huge toll all this was taking on our mental, emotional, and physical health, we were literally falling apart!
Enter REJUVENATE – angels from Hashem that sent us on the vacation of a lifetime! A fully planned itinerary with tickets, rental car, villa with pool, spending money, paid taxi for airport… They thought of everything to make a new me and a new us!! A calm and healthy wife and mother, husband and father to continue caring for our family with a lighted heart, refreshed and rejuvenated! We could never, and would never have gone on a vacation without the generous package to help us. By pressing restart, we can now look back at the glorious trip to Florida as a lifeline! Many organizations have helped us in the past, but never have any come close to this kind of relief; I literally felt my worries seeping out as I sat in the sun!

May Hashem bentch “Rejuvenate” and all its supporters with abundant bracha & siyata dishmaya to continue giving life!


Mrs. and Mr. L

Great co-operation

When we first heard about REJUVENATE we didn’t really believe that this dream vacation would happen for us. It sounded too good to be true.

Then, a few short weeks ago we got “THE CALL”. “Can you go the week of November 8?” When we hesitated the REJUVENATE representative encouraged us that “take a break would be good for our daughter, since we would come back refreshed”. Our hearts and minds started racing with the possibility that this vacation might really happen! We started making arrangements for our daughter, while REJUVENATE took care of everything! From arranging the flight, and accommodating our requested time, to arranging a contact at the car rental so it would be quicker for us, no detail was left unturned. The package we received was neat, organized, professional, with listings for all what we needed including shuls, restaurants, pharmacy, and attractions; it was our personal vacation guide!

When we landed in Florida, we drove straight to a restaurant, which we chose from our personal guide, for supper. What a treat to eat without interuption, without worrying about our daughter’s food allergy! We arrived at our beautiful, spotless, newly renovated villa and jumped into our private pool. We slept peacefully without being woken by our daughter. This was another aspect of the trip that we now appreciated. Could it be? A few nights of uninterrupted sleep?! This was something we hadn’t anticipated. What a gift!

We came back REJUVENATED, and cannot thank the REJUVENATE staff enough for this once in a lifetime experience (which we never would have done on our own). May Hashem repay you for all you do!

Rabbi and Mrs. W

We are glad

No words can fully express the gratitude we feel. Such a cliché line, but it is true. We didn’t even realize how much we needed the vacation until we went. We were able stop and just take in everything. When we were going through treatment we just kept going and going without pause to think. This gave us the opportunity to stop, think and gather strength needed to continue on. It gave us time to reconnect as a couple and discuss our next steps and options with clarity. Many times vacation in itself can have stressful components with planning out the details. But in this case it wasn’t. Everything was taken care of from a-z – here is where you are going, and this is how you are getting there. Even down to the last detail to car rental, entertainment, and shabbos food. There was nothing to take care of, it was just us and the pool. This was definitely a new concept for us. I was able to reconnect with an old hobby of mine reading!!! We came back to reality with renewed hope and strength to forge on!!! We got to rejuvenate our mind, body, and soul. And for that we are forever grateful!!!

The L′s

We love it

To the staff at Rejuvenate,
A dozen pages will not be enough to thank you. Whatever I write is just a drop in the sea… Hashem sent us good angels, and we have no words to express the good you’ve done for our children and the whole family. Until the vacation in Florida they did not know what a ‘good day’ is. For over a year, she’s been in and out of the hospital busy with chemo and all sorts of treatments. We did not know what to do… We, the grandparents, moved in with them to help them out. It is self-understood that it was extremely difficult to witness her suffering after each treatment of chemo. She went through many difficult surgeries and difficult treatment, but we strengthened ourselves by strengthening them. We couldn’t even think about the possibility of them going on a vacation, even for a few days. Then, Hashem helped us, once again, by sending us good people like you, who gave them new strength to continue with all the treatments and surgeries. You should have seen how she was sitting outside saying tehillem, with such peace and at ease; she even let out a smile… I don’t need to tell you what relief this was for us. She was so joyful, she told me that she has no clue how she will ever be able repay you. Everything was planned out and taken care of, down to the smallest detail. You gave her a break from all the treatments and all the aching’s. You gave them air to breath, clean and fresh air! You gave them the ability to continue with their life, like a child who begins to walk. Thank you so much!

Mrs. S.

Just Perfect

Although it’s a half year later, this picture is still set as the wallpaper on my phone. What is so special about it? I wouldn’t replace it with a picture of another scenic view, family portrait, etc. It is a capture of the view we had when we lifted our eyes heavenward, in the backyard of our 5 day haven. The memory this picture evokes, is one of pure relaxation. My wife and I had an opportunity to walk away from our overwhelmingly busy lives, forget about the medical world for a few days, and regroup as a couple. We are forever indebted to you for having given us this amazing opportunity. May Hashem repay you for the chessed you do.

Mrs. and Mr. B

Very well Done

To the esteemed staff of Rejuvenate:

No words can can express our appreciation and admiration for your organization for your organization. Every detail was taken care of to insure us to really “REJUVENATE”.

Until we actually went on our “vacation”, we didn’t fully realize how important it was for us. After spending over a year running to doctors and hospitals, and trying to keep the house functioning in between, we didn’t have a second to focus on ourselves or each other…

The villa we stayed in was truly beautiful and well equipped with all our needs. The location was excellent! We were near the shuls, not far from the stores, and in a lovely community!

May you be able to continue your wonderful work, and may Hashem bring us to the day when it will no longer be necessary!

Mr and Mrs. M

Satisfied and Glad

Ready to Grow?

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